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1 – Paranoiac – Olucle – (7:43) – Kutral Records

2 – K405 vs Udwe – TerraDrop – (8:42) – Kutral Records

3 – Polper – Antenna no Contact – (8:07) – Kutral Records

4 – Blumen – Amorun di mai- (6:27) – Kutral Records

5 – Cipro Status – Flok Fluktus – (8:25) – Kutral Records

6 – Pepsan – Secuoias – (5:21) – Gore Records

7 – Prosonik – There s no Spoon – (8:16) – Kutral Records – Ovnimoon Records – Geomagnetic –

8 – Ksatrya – Spiritual Madness Neutralizer – (6:51) – Kutral records

9 – M4nos – Liar (Sex Pistols Swindle) – (3:28) – Buddha Mantra Records – Independiente

Release Information:

Namaskar Vol. 1 is the first compilation from Kutral Records, a brand new netlabel from Argentina. Here we are introduced to a wide variety of different styles as some of the fresh talents of the Argentinian underground have gathered to demonstrate their abilities to warp space and time. The compilation moves from progressive psytrance into freeform Suomi-style and raging full-on before taking a trip into the depths of madness with a bit of darkpsy and an amusing closer. Featuring cover art by Polper.


Presentamos el primer compilado de la revista Namaskar, en este primer V.A. tenemos la participación de solo artistas de la Argentina variado de estilos como Progressive, Psytrance, Suomi hasta llegar al Dark. Un combo explosivo y variado para empezar con buena música llena de artistas de vanguardia, con mucho Honor le damos comienzo a esta primera edición.

Disco lanzado bajo la licencia Creative Commons para trabajo no comercial:



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