Neurogrid and Thalamus - Undergrowth Knowledge - Neurotrance Records


01 – Neurogrid and Thalamus – Discover
02 – Neurogrid and Thalamus – Apprehend
03 – Neurogrid and Thalamus – Control

Thalamus is the musical project of the french producer Gael Dufour. Based in Lyon he discovered the psy scene during parties and immediately loved the twisted sounds he heard. Being a musician at first made him realize he wants to try and melt his early love for the melodic aspects of music with some darker heavier sound design. Always in the search of new style to discover in music production, the psy is never far away. Neurogrid is the psytrance project of the brazilian producer Giovanni Braga. He started to produce psychedelic night tracks inspired by his love for music and technology, and want to take you to a field of grooviness and a state of total immersion by his sound.

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