Shredder - Corrosive


1. Shredder – Microverse Reality
2. Shredder – Skicologic
3. Shredder – Sweet and Sour
4. Shredder – Laser Goa

Shredder – Corrosive has been produced 100% on mobile phone, and headphones and Its deeply inspired by Suomisoundi music.

Written and produced by Bojan Aleksovski aka Shredder who was introduced to Psytrance around year 2000. After few years of listening bands like The Visitors, Snake Thing, Texas Faggot, EvsY, among many others he got inspired and started experimenting with sounds, producing his own music and through the years developed his style. He is currently a member of Omnium, Defekten, Shredder and one of the founders of StereoHemia Records.

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