Erofex – The Fact (Expanded Version)


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01 – Erofex – Awake (128 BPM)
02 – Erofex – Liquid M (145 BPM)
03. Erofex – The Fact (144 PBM)
04. Erofex – The Right Choice (146 BPM)
05. Erofex – Strange Sensation (145 BPM)
06. Erofex – Telephaty (144 BPM)
07. Erofex – Telephaty (Remix) (130 BPM)
08. Erofex – The Right Choice (Remix) (146 BPM)
09. Erofex – Hunter (142 BPM)
10. Erofex – Jupiter (70 BPM)

The Fact is a retrospective collection of older music by Erofex, a pioneer of psytrance culture in Bolivia and the founder of Neurotrance Records. Described as an “Expanded Version” of his debut release on Cytopia Records in 2005, this album also contains several unreleased songs from the same time period. In preparation for Erofex’s new album in 2011 this set of tunes has been unearthed from the archives to reintroduce Erofex’s first steps onto the international stage. Featuring artwork by Uforica

The Fact es una colección retrospectiva de música antigua por Erofex, pionero de la cultura psytrance en Bolivia y fundador de Neurotrance Records. Descrita como “Expanded Version o Version Expandida”, álbum debut en el sello Cytopia en 2005, este álbum contiene varias canciones inéditas del mismo período de tiempo. Re-introducimos este conjunto de tracks con los primeros pasos de Erofex en el escenario internacional para un nuevo album el 2011.

Neurotrance Records
“Free the music because the music sets you free”
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