VA – Psycho Talent Freak Show

VA - Psycho Talent Freak Show - Neurotrance Records
VA - Psycho Talent Freak Show - Neurotrance Records

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01 – Erofex – Talent Show Begins (1:59)
02 – Tropical Energy – The Real Secret (7:32)
03 – Soundless – Sing It (7:29)
04 – Erofex – Construction Waves (7:50)
05 – Iliuchina – Reality Testing (6:04)
06 – Pinky and Brain – Lala Lend Games (9:01)
07 – Stereopanic – Space Time Gravity (8:46)
08 – Organikka – How To Become a Superhero (6:27)
09 – Ctrlz3ta – Nice Shit (6:37)
10 – Chakraview – Mutant Mayhem (7:32)
11 – Oblivion – Simba (9:18)

“In a distant planet of a bizarre solar system inhabited by a brave and talented strange creature who calls herself Homo Sapiens. Is born, screams, cries, sleeps, plays, rehearses and remembers. In this intriguing life some play materialistic and others spiritually demonstrating powers acquired or innate. Attentive, the great audience awaits in silent and eager, between tears and laughter, for the grand finale of this great show. Among masks and great skills the “man”, in his tiny way through this life, opens the curtain .. Friends of the universe … the talent show has begun!

Neurotrance Records presents a piece of music of this great show, talented artists from all over the world come together to remind you with music that we are only passing through the great show of life. Play and enjoy Son of the Sun. The great talented Man … Compiled and Mastered by Erofex with artwork by Heidacraft.


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