Oberon – Unheard Sound of Creation



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1. Oberon – Cosmic Conscience (142bpm) ………….. …. 7:18
2. Oberon – Shapes in the Clouds (142bpm) ………….. 8:36
3. Oberon – Quasistellar Frequencies (145bpm) …….. 7:06
4. Oberon – Solaris (147bpm) ………………………………….. 6:53

Mastered by Erofex
Cover art by Euforica

Release Information:

Unheard Sound Of Creation EP marks the formal debut of Oberon (Stathis Tsitsiliagkos AKA Uforica), a psytrance producer based in Corfu, Greece. Oberon blends the legendary old school Goa trance style with futuristic atmospheres and modern production. This EP features massive bass lines, spiralling acid riffs, and sparkling melodies for both night and morning time. Mastered by Erofex with artwork by Uforica.

We live in a vast ocean of sound and vibration. The sound surrounds us,can travel across this vast ocean. The sound that is unheard sound, a sound that can not be heard by normal human ears. Only the “inner” ears we can hear. It is the Unheard Sound Of Creation! Without this sound nothing could survive, because that sound is what gives life to everything. A leaf folded in the spring make this sound. It’s the sound that is the moment of conception, when the new life is born. It sounds he heard when there became the Earth and when we ourselves acquire our current human form. It is the same Sound of Creation which also exists within us and is a wonderful sound…



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