Erofex - Dont Walk Remixes


1. Erofex – Don’t Walk (Original Mix) 07:29
2. Erofex – Don’t Walk (Erofex Remix) 09:54
3. Erofex – Don’t Walk (Oxya Remix) 08:53
4. Erofex – Don’t Walk (Undertaker Remix) 07:30
5. Erofex – Don’t Walk (Dark Fox Remix) 07:41
6. Erofex – Don’t Walk (Lattus Remix) 07:54
7. Erofex – Don’t Walk (Organikka Remix) 06:38

There is an special remastered 2024 version of Erofex – Don’t Walk Remixes only available to download in Bandcamp! 

Neurotrance Records is back with a blasting full-on release containing several remixes of Dont Walk, a song by Erofex (Efrain Candia) that originally appeared on the Hispanodelia compilation in 2007. Erofex, a key player in the South American underground, reworks his own creation alongside a team of producers from Bolivia, Mexico, Argentina, Greece, and Portugal. Compiled and Mastered by Erofex. Artwork by Heidacraft.

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