VA -The Future of Light


01. Oxya – Tau Feeling (8:59)
written & produced by Joey Dianos.

02. MetzAnima – Maia Gaia (6:40)
written & produced by Gonzalo Laserna.

03. Frequency Surreal and Erofex – They still hold peace in their hearts (5:27)
written & produced by Aleksandar Radulovic and Efrain Candia.

04. Jash – Betun Brasilero (6:32)
written by Jacinto Rosa & produced by Gabriela Duran. Spiralmuzik courtesy

05. Dark Fox – Stelar Madness (Majestad Valkyria Remix) (6:08)
written & produced by Juan Saldivia.

06. Erofex – Mental Peace (7:17)
written & produced by Efrain Candia.

07. Erofex – Digital Anima (4:00)
written & produced by Efrain Candia.

08. Virtuaz – Devil Eather (7:29)
written & produced by Yoni Dayan.

09. Le Guide – Kranum (5:19)
written & produced by Guido Oblitas.

10. Trebolactiko – Alpha State (6:30)
written & produced by Hernan Maldonado.

11. Etrea – Condor al Revez (4:33)
written by Etrea & produced by Jacinto Rosa. Spiralmuzik courtesy

12. Paul Jove aka Pituko – Sun Stars (10:49)
written & produced by Paul Jove.

Release information:

There is an special remastered version of this album available only on Bandcamp!

Neurotrance Records presents its first album compiled within the Downtempo and Chillout genre. Quiet, relaxing and meditative music, especially compiled to take you on a journey of light. “THE FUTURE OF LIGHT” brings together talented artists that with their music bring us a sample of the near future, a journey that takes us along the path where everything is possible, where the limit is left behind, a path to a place of light, a “Bright Future”.

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