VA -The Future of Light


01. Oxya – Tau Feeling (8:59)
written & produced by Joey Dianos.

02. MetzAnima – Maia Gaia (6:40)
written & produced by Gonzalo Laserna.

03. Frequency Surreal and Erofex – They still hold peace in their hearts (5:27)
written & produced by Aleksandar Radulovic and Efrain Candia.

04. Jash – Betun Brasilero (6:32)
written by Jacinto Rosa & produced by Gabriela Duran. Spiralmuzik courtesy

05. Dark Fox – Stelar Madness (Majestad Valkyria Remix) (6:08)
written & produced by Juan Saldivia.

06. Erofex – Mental Peace (7:17)
written & produced by Efrain Candia.

07. Erofex – Digital Anima (4:00)
written & produced by Efrain Candia.

08. Virtuaz – Devil Eather (7:29)
written & produced by Yoni Dayan.

09. Le Guide – Kranum (5:19)
written & produced by Guido Oblitas.

10. Trebolactiko – Alpha State (6:30)
written & produced by Hernan Maldonado.

11. Etrea – Condor al Revez (4:33)
written by Etrea & produced by Jacinto Rosa. Spiralmuzik courtesy

12. Paul Jove aka Pituko – Sun Stars (10:49)
written & produced by Paul Jove.

Neurotrance Records presents its first album compiled within the Downtempo / Chill Out genre. Quiet, relaxing and meditative music, especially compiled to take you on a journey of light. “THE FUTURE OF LIGHT” brings together talented artists that with their music bring us a sample of the near future, a journey that takes us along the path where everything is possible, where the limit is left behind, a path to a place of light, a “Bright Future”.

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