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Mental Cage is a collection of audibles from the birth of the idea to its alterations through translation by the vessel that is known as Yoni Dayan AKA Extazya. Each piece smoothly flows into the next as if constructed from a broadened perspective. Bubbles popping, and theres a tv its been left on. Where is that sound coming from? Its very casual and up for interpretation, but some of the creatures that peak out from behind the curtain are unimagined till they emerge. Wow what happened? Its as if the threads of a sea cucumber have been covered in a shimmering platinum that is shattering into crystal the moment it solidifies.

 You may ask yourself is it not that im inside of this cage unlocked or if this cage is not locked inside the outer crust of imagination. Others vessels who have come into interactive contact with extazya also have made their presences factual on the tracklist of this collection. Hagenith presents his version of Extazya – Fun Gun, and Liquidnoize takes on half the translation workload in collaboration with Extazya.


1) intro
2) acid on vacid
3) fun gun (hagenith remix)
4) to the mental cage
5) dead ideas
6) out of the mental cage
7) bad trip
8) v for vibrator
9) ExtAzya vs liquidnoize – conversational fungi

Download links: WAV | MP3

Afficial album release website : http://anomalisticrecords.com/extazya.html

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