VA – Mind Over Reality

VA - Mind Over Reality

VA - Mind Over Reality

Warp Brain Records presents the label’s first exclusive digital compilation, this compilation contains 7 tracks made by the most talented procucers of modern Psytrance. “Mind Over Reality” will boost your adrenaline to peak.All the tracks represent the enthusiasm for releasing fresh tracks from the studio to the listener.Great choice for any DJ who wants to play quality in sound and production.For the fan, a great choice of tracks representing the scene of 2009.

Compilation – Various – Mind Over Reality (WBRDA001) 2009

Artist: Various.
Title: Mind Over Reality.
Label: Warp Brain Records,
Distribution: Distelectronic
Genre: Psytrance.
Date: May 5th, 2009
Format: FLAC/MP3/Wave
Length: 7 Tracks
Mastered: Emiliano Solazzi.
Graphic design: Roberto Carrillo,

Back Cover:


1.Predators- There is nothing incorrect. 142BPM
W&P Andreas and Stavros Kamenidis (Greece).

2.Wizack Twizack- Science and Fiction. 143BPM
W&P Tommy Axelsson (Sweden).

3.Erofex- Liquid M. 145BPM
W&P Efrain Candia (Bolivia).

4.Endeavour- Logical. 145BPM
W&P Pedro Ruvalcaba (Mexico).

5.Echoactice- Dark Secret. 145BPM
W&P Allan Feytor and Bruno Moraes (Brasil).

6.Enertopia vs TanGled lySergic PuddleS on CelesTial thReads- Breaking Gravity. 145BPM
W&P Emiliano Solazzi and Adam Sobel (U.S.A).

7.MegaDrop- Hallucination Machine. 145BPM
W&P Raphael Pepi and Ross Dubois (U.S.A).

We are happy to announce the official release of this digital compilation, again, this is only available from online downloads, not on CD format, here are some links:

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