VA - Neuro Technika

Written by Erofex on . Posted in RuffBeatz

va-neuro-technika RuffBeatz has returned with an all new Psy Trance release that will mush your neurological auditory cortex from start to finish!. Compiled by DJ Triex, featuring many high quality tracks from an array of amazing artists and styles. From PsySpam/ITP, to Erofex. Whether or not you're into psy, Neuro Technika is sure to please! Preview:

01. PsySpam vs. Volcano - MainScream
02. Mr. Mann - Heliocentric
03. H1N1 - Desintoxication
04. Stereopanic - Toxicomania
05. Hyper drive v.s Numenon - Resonance
06. Organikka - Xplosive
07. Dj Triex - Disobey and Die (Erofex Remix)
08. Shingo Dj - Meridian
09. Mr. Mann - Heliocentric (VIP Dubstep Mix)
10. Iliuchina - Anikshelaeek Download Links: MP3:  Ruffbeatz |  Mediafire

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