The label from Australia that gives away an array of sweet tunes for your listening pleasure. Run by DJ Triex and featuring many genres from Psy Trance to Dubstep to Happy Hardcore and J-Core!

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Qygen - Celestial Hyperspeed

DOWNLOAD: MP3 RuffBeatz has returned with an all new Psy Trance release that will mush your neurological auditory cortex from start to finish!. Compiled by DJ Triex, featuring many high quality tracks from an array of amazing artists and styles. From PsySpam/ITP, to Erofex. Whether or not you’re into psy, Neuro Technika is sure to please! Tracklist: […]


RuffBeatz Records is back with a dubstep release that will make you move like a robot and degenerate your eardrums! A special bonus for everyone this release a RuffBeatz wallpaper to put on your desktop is included in the download. Enjoy! Tracklist: 01. Womp Rat – War Elephant 02. Womp Rat – Baphomet 03. Johnny Foreplay – […]


This a multigenere double compilation by Dj Triex of Ruff Beatz Records and DJ Shoujo of Deadly Experiments Records. Hardcore, Gabber, Dubstep, Makina, Hardstyle, Techno, and Psytrance all together showing different colors and tastes gathered to take you on a different musical journey. Don’t miss this special compilation!. Tracklist: PART 1 Ruff Beatz 01. DJ […]