VA - Druid's Gathering

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VA - Druids Gathering - Liquid Tunes Records 2012

Grobians - Green Concrete (Spaced Out Remix) (146 BPM)
Shiva3 - Whisper of desires (2012 Remix) (148 BPM)
Gorm - Trassel (150 BPM)
Therange Freak - Irminsul (149 BPM)
Hagenith - September (148 BPM)
Paganopath - Clover Monster (150 BPM)
Atomental - Troll's Forest (152 BPM)
Karash - Gloomy Jungle (148 BPM)
Fractal Error - Geometric Patterns (149 BPM)
Silent Horror - Lamat (150 BPM)

Liquid Tunes Records is back with a the latest Dark and Forest compilation of Therange Freak. Mastered by Petran, Cover art by Shiva3 Ohm and poem by Cosmic Dave.

...Druids in oak forest gathering now 10 druidic wizards mystical circle round together making magical potions stirring druid cauldrons bubble and boil the working strange powerfull brew for the freaks for shapeshifting night creatures complete maybe put druids cauldron, rather than druid cauldron...


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