VA - Druids Gathering - Liquid Tunes Records 2012

Download: MP3 – WAV   Grobians – Green Concrete (Spaced Out Remix) (146 BPM) Shiva3 – Whisper of desires (2012 Remix) (148 BPM) Gorm – Trassel (150 BPM) Therange Freak – Irminsul (149 BPM) Hagenith – September (148 BPM) Paganopath – Clover Monster (150 BPM) Atomental – Troll’s Forest (152 BPM) Karash – Gloomy Jungle […]


This is the first release of Liquid Tunes Records, a new psytrance and chill out label from Macedonia. A nice and smooth trip, with the most divine and enchanted moments, that leads you to the Eden…a place where everyone can find its own peace and prosperity… The path through this journey will be followed by […]