VA-Little Pieces_of_Infinity-Second_chapter

Download: MP3 – WAV Hispanodelicius Records presents the second chapter of the “Little Pieces” series. 10 Psybient, Chill Out and Dubpsy tracks created by talented artists from all over the globe. Enjoy these little sound pieces and explore infinity! Compilation, Mastering and Artwork by Dark Fox, Fractal Illustration by Cheupix Tracklist: 01 – Arrayan – Calisto (81 BPM)02 […]

VA-The Naked Ape

Download: MP3 – WAV Tracklist: 01 – Majestad Valkyria – Naked Intro 02 – Jhunix meets Anamnesis – Subtle Body 03 – Amdusias Tales – Jenkins Dusts 04 – Zamurah – Unidos por el Apocalipsis 05 – Hanuman – Cosmic Alignment 06 – Zamurah – Killing your Mind 07 – Erofex – Bolivian Clown Mafia 08 […]


Once again the psychedelic artists of Hispano-America get together under one freely lysergic flag for this second entry. The forces has been double to bring a double pack very well equilibrated , where the public will be able to find music styles for all tastes. 1st v/a artists got together again with new acts to re-enforce an […]


 Download: MP3 – WAV Tracklist: o1.-Expedizion – In a Dewdrop                   08:56 o2.-Expedizion – Full Of Love                     06:00 o3.-Expedizion – From The Future              05:25   We anticipate the official release of “Ancestral Future”, remixing 3 of its 7 petals […]


  Download: MP3 – WAV Compiled by Nü Tao, Healing Beats is the latest compilation from Hispanodelicius Records, this time focusing on the best of Latin American progressive psytrance from Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. Designed for “sound healing,” these songs have been carefully selected for harmony, tone, energy, and positive vibes to compliment the […]


    Download:  MP3 | WAV Tracklist: o1.-Chamakani – Naira o2.-Majestad Valkyria – Dubby Dubby Doo o3.-Erofex – Big Guys Dub o4.-NüTao & Cosmos Vibration – Cerro Nevado o5.-Erofex – Spirit Migration o6.-Nütao & Expedizion – Groove in the Morning o7.-Oxya – Tile o8.-Gautama Resonance – Regresar a la Fuente o9.-Nimue – La Dama del […]

Deep Channeling

Download: MP3 Tracklist: o1. Trebolactiko -Ascensión o2. Trebolactiko – Iskalia o3. Trebolactiko – Magic Monkey o4. Trebolactiko – Mantradelic o5. Trebolactiko – Misteriosa Cósmica o6. Trebolactiko – Shamanic Funky o7. Trebolactiko – Pskalibur   Deep Channeling marks the solo debut of Trebolactiko, an Argentinian project inspired by the likes of Kuba, Ott, and Entheogenic. Released by Hispanodelicius […]


Download: MP3 – WAV Hispanodelia is a psychedelic hispano-delicious experience based on new and fresh new musical projects; coming from the whole HispanoAmerican continent. Acts from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia y México link each other their talent to give perfect shape to this compilation which shows the high level of the new crew of artists, that love […]