VA – Hispanodelia 2



Once again the psychedelic artists of Hispano-America get together under one freely lysergic flag for this second entry. The forces has been double to bring a double pack very well equilibrated , where the public will be able to find music styles for all tastes. 1st v/a artists got together again with new acts to re-enforce an Americas trip of almost 2 hours of duration , getting trough relax moments to an energetic shocks or the dance floor. Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia and Mexico come together in the “wonderland country” brining you ; a free ticket to enter the trip. Get your passenger sit Now!


01 – Dark Fox – Intro

02 – Trebolaktico – Pskalibur

03 – Plaxius – Calma

04 – Erofex – Wishes

05 – Dark Fox – 1

06 – M4nos – No more apocalyptic minds

07 – Cosmic Alliance (Romix psy) – Cosmic Dust

08 – Jicuri Sense – Forget yourself

09 – Los Portilla – You and Me

10. PsyKid – My Planet

11. Undertaker – Alien Attack

12. Overhuman project – Senti Menthal

13. Will o Wisp – Binary code

14. Erofex – Dont Walk (Dark For Hwahaha remix)

15. Erofex – Master Attack (Remix)

16. Plaxius – Demonaid

17. Dark Fox – Mini Outro

Compiled by Dark Fox

Download: MP3 – WAV


Hispanodelicius Records

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