VA – Highway To Eternity

VA - HIGHWAY TO ETERNITY - Neurotrance Records 2009
VA - HIGHWAY TO ETERNITY - Neurotrance Records 2009

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01 – Uminum – Eeen (9:34)
02 – Enertopia – Shadow World – Erofex Remix (7:34)
03 – Clean Trip – Magic Technology (8:28)
04 – Hyper Drive – Highway To Eternity (7:35)
05 – Wizack Twizack – Baka En Kaka (8:01)
06 – Microverse – Illusion Of Ourselves (7:22)
07 – Jar Jar Binks – Psychedelic Experience (8:16)
08 – Electrypnose – Op 558 (7:12)
09 – Peace Ka – Bouncexcort (6:40)
10 – Meteorburn – Velocity (8:00)

Compiled by Hyper Drive
Mastered by : Erofex
Cover by : Jar Jar Binks

Release Information: We are back with another dazzling psychedelic trance release designed to set your mind on fire! Compiled by Hyper Drive, Highway To Eternity will guide you on a cosmic journey into the past, present, and future, where matter and the soul are allied, and one right path leads to our destiny. Uniting genuinely psychedelic full-on with reality-bending darkpsy, this release features ten captivating tracks that will “open your eyes and consciousness” and induce a state of “eternal ecstasy.” Mastered by Erofex with artwork by Jar Jar Binks.

There are many ways to Eternity a space where the past, future and reality are born, where the matter and the soul are allied in one there is a right path, a highway which leads to our destiny. Through this journey, You will be guided by 10 eternity elements filled with with snappy psychodelia and creative thoughts a guide that will open your eyes and consciousness, while you are enjoying in the company of the good spirits, leading you to an Eternal ecstasy. Neurotrance Records is proud to present the “Highway to Eternity” compiled by Hyper Drive and the company of the freakiest minds on Earth, lumped together on this compilation.



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