VA - San Pedro Music Compilation vol 1

 Download: MP3 Tracklist: 1. Paul Jove – Intro 2. Trans – Menage 3. Black To Mono – Pressure 4. Dysphonix – Reaktivate 5. Phatos – Lluvia 6. Guerrero – Expreso Sur 7. Guerrero – Vintage Shoes 8. Paul Jove – Sanitizador 9. Enrique Calvetty – Circo Cortito 10. Karras – Estancia de la Luna […]

Paul Jove - Mis Montañas

Download: MP3 The bolivian label San Pedro Records presents the experimental music of Paul Jove. Friends and amig@s, Finally been able to finish the uploading and last minute edits to this work. Some of these pieces have been hanging around for many years waiting for a home and it’s finally the time to let them […]

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