Yovie is present on the scene right from the beginning. Since then he never stopped inciting the psy spirit throughout his DJ sets as well as by producing hypnotic melodies influenced by the impeccable Cosmic creation met by powerful rolling bass lines which are induced by the formula for spiritual body movements as an expression of the cosmic whole…

Nikola is the man guilty behind the psychedelic project Hyper Drive that is caracteristic with powerfull dancy basslines and forest melodies…and now he is working together with Yovie on this unique psytrance experience…=) Shortly after a period of self-exploring break Yovie & Nikola are back under the name MICROVERSE (Extraterrestrial Dimension).

This powerful inner force has created a vast space of ambitious and progressive ideas for them where the ignition of shapes, colours and sensations has evolved into a whole new microcosmos of SOUND.In the mean time they stay active at many parties and festivals accelerating our journey into the higher realms… All eternity is our playground!

Microverse with Neurotrance Records: VA – HIGHWAY TO ETERNITY

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