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The brain behind the Peace-Ka project is Thoma Piscaglia from Cesena, a small city situated near the Italian Adriatic coast. Things kicked-off for Thomas after his illuminating first trip to Thailand in 2001, where he attended one of the many legendary Full Moon parties.

For him, it was his first psy-trance party ever, although many would follow after. Thomas his 1st activities as an artist started to take place a few years after his ear- and eye-opening party experiences. He first started to play the decks as a dj in parties around Italy, followed by a serious addiction to twisting knobs and buttons on midi-controllers and manipulating twisted sounds in software, which finally led to producing his own sonic productions. The results lead to Thomas building up his own home-studio, consisting out of most of the necessary hardware and audio devices one needs for producing as a professional sound-engineer. Nowadays his studio consists of his beloved access virus TI, a nord rack2x, a powercore mk2, a liquid mix mastering processor, and a Korg Kaoss pad 3.

The speaker section is provided by a pair of Adam p11 studio monitors. Thomas his main project is known under the name Peace Ka, next to having his other project named Assault Junkies, together with his good friend Andrea Lunghi (Dust). Some of his other side projects and hobbies include: promoting small underground electronic music events in clubs around his area, creating and managing a web portal which’ aim is to provide upcoming talents a place where to showcase their material and last but not least he’s working as a producer for a local recording studio. All in all it’s more than clear that this man’s mission is to contaminate as many people as possible with his passion for electronic music.

Peace Ka with Neurotrance Records: VA – HIGHWAY TO ETERNITY

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