Get ready to dive into the deepest part of the earth through the dark portal that opens the last weekend of March at ENERGEOMETRÍA – DARK FREQUENCIES 2024!

This event goes beyond being just a festival; it is a celebration of music, energy and connection with a community of electronic music lovers like you, all in an urban environment away from the daily hustle and bustle and surrounded by natural beauty. A ritual of union and dance that will invade your senses for 35 hours of uninterrupted music.

At DARK FREQUENCIES 2024, we will exclusively immerse ourselves in high BPMs – Speed Forest, Twilight, Hi-tech and Darkpsy. It’s time to unlock your mind and live this unique experience!


Le Guide – Ritual 12 Hrs. Set(Andean Tribe Records / Digital Gurus)
Heath Poison – Live Set (Andean Tribe Records / Digital Gurus)

Okklumentin – Live Act Alemania

AKH – Live act
ErgoK – Dj Set (Undervoice Records / Digital Gurus / Juayhu Bookings)

Cromatix – B2B Dj Set (Undervoice Records / Juayhu Bookings)

Crimsound – Dj set (Juayhu Bookings)

Moloko Dremcrom – Long Dj Set (Quantum Daemon)

Datura – Dj Set (Quantum Daemon)

Awari – Dj Set (Quantum Daemon)

Pachamatrix – Dj Set (Quantum Daemon)

Nahualien – Dj Set (Andean tribe records)

Solarbong – Dj set (Undervoice Records / Juayhu Bookings)

Ryan Noise


It’s time to unlock your mind and live this unique experience!

Visuals & Video Mapping
⛧Vj Viruz
⛧Vj Buho
◄ Deco ►►►

Food and Beverage Area

Enjoy a wide variety of delicious food and drinks to keep your energy levels up during the festival. The festival grounds will be full of various activities and surprises to keep you entertained.

Camping & Parking

We have limited parking available inside the event, as well as a large camping area for the convenience of all.

DATE: March 29-30-31

Performance – Fire Show
There will be a fire show performance at the event.

Pet Friendly
The event is pet friendly.


La Perpetua: Tiquipaya-Chilimarca, Zona de Miraflores, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Early Bird: 100 Bs. until February 29
Pre-sale: 150 Bs. until March 25
At the door: 200 Bs. – Day of the event

❃❅❃❅❃INFO & TICKETS❅❃❅❃❅
Dani +59173713235
Vicky +59173091974
Maira +59170387820
Marysol +59170745688
Raisa +59168255337
Mauricio +59175917373
Lesly +59162701430
𓂀 LA PAZ 𓂀
Guido +59172166671
Cristal +59178960707
Torri +59169307551
Gabriel +59175182758

Chechi: +59177810846

Prohibited Items:

  • Controlled substances
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Weapons or dangerous objects
  • Pets
  • Minors (-18)
  • The security check at the entrance will be strict and thorough.
  • Please do not bring any prohibited items to the event.
  • If you are found with any prohibited items, you will be denied entry to the event.
  • We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the event safe and enjoyable for everyone.