Prepare yourself for a cosmic experience that will transport you to the frontier of reality and spiritual ecstasy! Moonchild Crew proudly presents ‘Carnaliens Volume 5.0’, a two-day odyssey that invites soul explorers to delve into the depths of consciousness through the vibrant sounds of Psytrance.

Carnaliens Volume 5.0

Date: March 30th & 31st, 2024
Location: Quinta El Guerrero radial 26 8vo anillo

In the eternal dance of the planets and stars, we find a rhythm that resonates with the deepest part of our being. This event is more than a party; it is a journey through space-time propelled by the powerful waves of Psytrance, where each beat is a heartbeat of the universe itself.

Transporting us to a territory where the synergy between sound and spirit comes alive, Moonchild Crew invites you to be part of a modernized ancestral ritual, a celebration that connects the magic of ancient civilizations with the pulse of the digital age.

Witness the transformation of the dance floor into a vibrant energy field, a place where the community of free spirits gathers to transcend the mundane. Come with an open mind and a heart ready to receive and give love, surrounded by the hypnotic landscapes of Bolivian nature.

Line up – Djs Carnaliens



EMSS ••  Alternative(cbba)

Resonante ••   Alternative(cbba)
Airffect •• Moonchild Crew – Magnetik Noize Récords (mex)
Oliveira BPM •• (Lp)
Kybalion ••  Moonchild Crew (cbba)
Oz Noise •• Solariohm Tribe (Br) – Magnetik Noize arevords (mex)
Hut••  Moonchild Crew
Elysium•• Moonchild Crew
Jaguar Cósmico••
A-ttix•• Moonchild Crew
Protón •• Moonchild Crew
Yorch ••
Moog ••

Over 24 hours of continuous music.

  • Craft Fair.
  • Psychedelic installation with augmented reality by Sandro Lorini (LP)
  • Visual art Vj HUB and live performances that will complement your spiritual journey.
  • Healthy organic food
  • Fast food
  • Swimming pool
  • Camping
  • Beach
  • A decoration that defies imagination, creating an otherworldly atmosphere.

Mark your calendar! Come and merge with the universal frequency in ‘Carnaliens Volume 5’.

Because on the dance floor we find our true home, where the spirit rises and souls unite in an infinite cosmic dance.


Early Birds February 1st to 29th Bs 50

Family March 1st to March 29th Bs 80

At the Door Bs. 100

No entry for:

  • Minors under 18 years old
  • ID control
  • Controlled substances
  • Knives
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Strict door control.
More info and tickets:
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Ale 62479343
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Vicky 73091974
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Support by:
Gallo Rojo