VA - Night Chaos Specialist

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VA-Night Chaos_Specialist GDL Records presents a special compilation by Liquid Impact gathering very talented Full On Night acts from different parts of the world. Mastered by Cubic Spline and artwork by Mucora.

01. Echo Logic - Outher Emotions
02. Mucora - Secret Central (Trilian RMX)
03. Elektrik Boy - Put It All Together
04. Akkbal Can - Parallel Universes
05. Konnektor vs Elektrik Boy - Infected Stage
06. X-Side - Underworld
07. Panayota- W.L.Cranck
08. Drystortion - Los 2 Minutos de Odio
09. Nazgul – Funny System
10. Hanuman – Real Distortion
11. Cubic Spline vs Akkma - Dissidents VA - Night Chaos Specialist by Neurotrance Records on Grooveshark [important title=Download]Download: MP3 - WAV[/important] Licence:

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