VA-The Name_is_not_Important-Front_Cover-Biomechanix records

This is the first release of the free releases catalog of Biomechanix Records. Enjoy five powerful Twilight tracks from already known artists. Cover by Punto Visual.   Tracklist: 01 – Radio.phobic – Psyxperience (145 BPM) 02 – Exodus – Rage Visions (149 BPM) 03 – Mucora – Secret Central (146 BPM) 04 – Viber – […]

VA-Night Chaos_Specialist

Download: MP3 – WAV GDL Records presents a special compilation by Liquid Impact gathering very talented Full On Night acts from different parts of the world. Mastered by Cubic Spline and artwork by Mucora. Tracklist: 01. Echo Logic – Outher Emotions 02. Mucora – Secret Central (Trilian RMX) 03. Elektrik Boy – Put It All […]

VA-Disfunctional-Front Cover

  Download: MP3 | WAV Massive compilation by Neurotic Cell, Disfunctional is the new release of Bioluminescence Records, a Mexican label specializing in Full On Night / Hi-Tech trance music for the night-time hours. Mastered by Elektrik Boy with artwork by Mucora. Tracklist: 101. Elektrik Boy – Propaganda Sheet 102. Full Frequency – I Kille […]

VA-Alma Flamenco

Download: MP3 | WAV GDL Records is proud to present their first compilation with 100% mexican new talent. Tracks carefully collected by the DJ and producer Mucora. Expect flamenco gypsy melodies mixed with twisted sounds that will make you move without stopping. Tracklist: 01. Infektion – Digital Flame (147 BPM) 02. Blazing Noise – Playing […]


Let free the only thing that can really be free in this life.. our consciousness goes beyond physical appearance to the terms we use in our lives as physical, that awareness that gives us light or dark in our everyday life, discover your hidden consciousness through the trance, rhythm and energy that gives you this […]


Download Links: MP3 Tracklist: 01 – Pragmatics – Mental Reaction 02 – Trilian vs. Mucora – Default System 03 – Bud Buster vs. Digital System – Blasteiro 04 – Digital System – King Of Fighters 05 – Nazgul – Hidden Message 06 – System Sequence vs. Stereopanic – Despapaye (RMX) 07 – System Sequence vs. […]

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