VA - City of Nightmares

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VA-City Of_Nightmares

This is the debut of the Mexican label Dark Moon Records. The music inside will take to the deepest side of your nightmares with psychedelic sounds, powerful melodies and resonant bass lines. Compilated by Subliminal Reaction and M.O.H mastered by Hongo at Dark Moon Studio Guatemala and art work by Enteogeno and Insane.

Tracklist: Subliminal Reaction Proyect - Childrens Of Corn (Intro) Metl - Evergreen (147 BPM) Morriggan - Delikcious (146 BPM) Hongo - Hitech Maya (157 BPM) Cthulhu - Darkness In The Desert (150 BPM) Yukku Naya and B-Toxic - After Biosphere Effects (170 BPM) Sampler - I Believe (177 BPM) Eweck EK - Candy Sweet (170 BPM) Hongo - Bass Industries (151 BPM) Cthulhu - Your Face Your Ass What Is The Diference (150 BPM) M.O.H - Akudemy (152 BPM)

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