Nu Tao - Starseed

 Download: MP3 – WAV 01 – Nü Tao – Wonder (94BPM) 02 – Nü Tao – Peace Orchestra (91BPM) 03 – Nü Tao – Guerrera Mulan Chuan (101BPM) 04 – Nü Tao – Goddess Return (108BPM) Nü Tao is back with his second release on Kutral Records (Argentina). Introducing a sound based on warm atmospheres, soft browsing […]

Nu Tao - Gaialaxia - KTR 006

Soft and liquid atmospheres, suitable for dancing, carrying lightfull landscapes, and a high degree of sexy psychedelia. nü tao´s highest source of inspirantion is funk. Love to life and to all beings is a thought-feeling that loads energy in all the tracks. Perfect equilibrium of Creation, ying-yang, male-female, seen as the sacred and sexual dance […]

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