Tigran aka Minime – Tigran Mkrtchian was born in 1981 in Armenia, now living in Athens, Greece. Started his piano lessons at age of 6. Because his father was a musician, he had access to synthesizers from early age. As a teenager in the middle of 90’s while playing in school bands rock and funky music, he started experimenting with electronic sound. Made his first patterns on KORG X3 ‘workstation in 1995. Released his first track in a compilation of the “Lemon” magazine in 1999. After that, while studying physiotherapy, he started djing at many parties and festivals in Greece. In 2005 Tigran as a Co-founder of party organization crew named “Psyacoustics”, started organizing big events and djing side by side with the pioneers of the global psychedelic scene (Dick Trevor, Kox Box, OOOD, Rastaliens, Laughing Budha, Wildthings Records’ team, Texas Faggott, Prometheus, Logic Bomb, Hux Flux, Penta, Absolum etc…). Since 1999 having a background in musical studies and great passion for producing electronic sound he continued his studio work. He’s style takes influences from every kind of sound. In 2009 he joined the “Direct Connection” collective with electro dub, dub step and experimental musical direction. Today he is working as a physiotherapist and he spends all of his free time exploring music.