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Pedro Valdivia aka: Peterv is the creator of this explosive cutting edge trance project named Saga Conspiracy.

Being born in Mexico city and living in the United States for more than 8 years helped peterv get influenced by electronic music. His first underground party was at age 15 when some of his friends invited him to an abandoned movie theatre where Peterv made contact with the first tunes that would change his life.. His carreer as a dj began in Cuernavaca Morelos at the age of 16 when he stared to play in a few local partoes, at age 17 he decided to begin his own new project named “Beatbix”, he then decided to study how to sequence digital musi una school called G martell. Peterv got fed up because he knew most of the stuff they were teaching him, so he decided to go on by himself and to continue his carreer in his own digital lab, for this reason he has been experementing with most of the software and hardware that exists.

At the age of 19 he created a project named Saga Conspiracy, which helped him make path across the Mexican trance scene. This project has taken him to a lot of parts of Notrh and Central America. He has played in the U.S., Guatemala and El salvador, and of course more than half of the states in his country (Mexico).

This project will make your brain tremble in an oscilliating resonant magnitude that will make your heart bounce and your feet pounce.

Saga Conspiracy with Neurotrance Records: VA – BREAKING THE WALL – 2009

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