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Raja - Neurotrance Records

Pedro Amorim aka Raja, was born in a little city called Viseu, right in the middle of Portugal. It is a quiet green town, it has many gardens on it where we can enjoy its great green spaces. From early ages Raja feels that music have a special place in is life, he feels the music like no other. He fall asleep with her, he wake up with her, he lives of her. He´s theology work based in the Divine Mystery of Unconsciousness Emotions. He´s tracks open to us a book of emotion where different feelings in different peoples can hapen at same time, same place different reality. The project it´s a fusion between Psy Trance and Full On. Characterized by aggressive leads, long melodies packed by sounding, giving each track a new and unique experience of freedom, peace and harmony, culminating therefore in a bold project consisting of hypnotic and psychedelic tracks. Influences: Infected Mushroom, Hallocinogen, Raja Ram, Pleiadians ,Atomic Pulse, Oforia and many others…