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DJ JASH @ Neurotrance Records

Jacinto Rosa (Jash) studied percussion at the National Music Conservatory in La Paz Bolivia. He started playing the conga in different Latin jazz bands, then began experimenting with electronic sounds and styles, learned the art of DJing, and renamed himself as Jash.

His music combines an arrange of different ways to experience the music journey, experimenting with Bolivian sounds and collaborating with various musicians. Now also a music producer, he has worked with Etrea (andean chill out), The Boom & Lounge Corp., El 4to Fambá (experimental and traditional percussion ensemble), Nativa (Latin American ethnic sounds) and Jose Nieto (Colombia).

Currently, he collaborates with multiple Bolivian and international artists who share his desire to pursuit and create sounds that fuse the spirituality of the Andes, postmodernity, and globalization as the new common denominators of Bolivan culture, music and roots. As the current director of Tam Tam Circulo de Tambores de la ciudad de La Paz he organizes drum circles, ensembles, conferences on drum culture, and offers free courses to the public. He is the coordinator of the new record label Spyralmuzik ( in La Paz Bolivia.