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Illiuchina @ Neurotrance Records

Veronica Iliuhin from Israel known as iliuchina , born in 1990. She discoverd the music life in early age. First singing, than in age 12 started to play the keyboard and discoverd psy trance music in age 13, than decided to create her own music at begining of 2007. From the begining she attempt to create her own style, with twisted leads to the mind and legs, aggressive bass lines, and Dark psychedelic atmospheres. Mostly she works on 144-147 bpm. In 2008 discovered by Psychonature family Pro in israel and she started her way in israel Psy trance party’s playing with big names on the stage, and also worked with some party organizations from Israel. Was part of Biomechanix records from mexico for a while, Boundless music records from israel, and Jet leg bookings. Today she part of Lysergic Records from Mexico and have different single releases on different labels around the globe like: GDL Records, Biomechanix Records, Lysergic records, Beat Bluster Records and more comming.