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CLEAN TRIP - Neurotrance Records

Clean Trip is the Psychedelic Trance project of Juan Manuel Serna from Barcelona. His contact with electronic music production began around 2002, influenced by the underground techno and trance music/scene. It is in 2004 when he decided to study sound engineering in BCN and one year later he turned 180º and moved to Byron Bay (Australia) to take a Bachelor Degree of Audio. It is there where he gets in contact with a very pure and evolved psytrance scene and by the beginnings of 2006 began to produce Psychedelic Trance. In 2008 he goes back to his native land and starts a new journey… Shortly, he and his mates founded the Bosc Elèctric tribe in order to help spread the essence of the trance dance experience getting in touch with other tribes like Muskaria, Furthur, Sindar, Psykomaniak, Freak Circus, among others… and joins the Transition spaceship in order to widen his net and stablish new friendship bonds between tribes.

His sound is a balance between light and darkness, serious and interesting psychedelia, learning and developing it everyday towards the infinite… Today Clean Trip is playing live at parties and events around Spain and overseas and is part of Zero Gravity Records, a new label based in Barcelona. There are new tracks to be released soon on Zero Gravity, Neurotrance and Dinsha Prana Records, so stay tuned!

Clean Trip with Neurotrance Records: VA – HIGHWAY TO ETERNITY

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