Paranoia Sector – Dimension Extreme

Paranoia Sector-Dimension eXtreme
Paranoia Sector-Dimension eXtreme

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01 – Paranoia Sector – Om Kreem Kalikaye Namah (148bpm)
02 – Paranoia Sector – Jesus Was an Anarchist (155bpm)
03 – Paranoia Sector – Dimension Xtreme (158bpm)
04 – Paranoia Sector – D.I.A.M. (162pbm)

Dimension eXtreme is the first release on the Belgian label Warromaja Records. All tracks are written and produced by Antonis (Paranoia Sector). This mini album has four tracks which combine dark and chaotic sounds with powerful High-Tech noises. Artist gives a special thanks to Feratek, Osmosis and Warromaja Records for making this release possible. Mastering by SciRom with Artwork by Paranoia Sector.

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