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Neurotrance Radio is back with an special guest right from UP, Brasil. 🔉🤯🔉 Are you ready?

Ekanta is an icon of the Brazilian electronic music. A psytrance pioneer artist in the PsyTrance scene for over 20 years consolidated the psychedelic culture through Universo Paralello Festival. A DJ and producer who collected in her extensive career presentations in the main festivals of electronic music around the world. Always surprising when mixed with Reggae, Rock’n Roll and other tones of Brazilian culture.

We had a virtual chat with Ekanta that we would like to share:

N: Where are you from? Tell us about your hometown, how was your childhood?

E: Hello, everyone! First of all thanks for the invitation! I am from Goiânia, Goiás, the heart of Brazil, birthplace of a lot of good music. The place stands out in “sertanejo” (country music), where several famous bands were born, but my hometown also has a very good and strong vein for Rock n’ Roll and, of course, for electronic music! My childhood was like every life: some good moments, others not so good, but in general everything was very smooth. I did ballet, went to the farm, spent my vacations at the beach, went to church on Sundays, ate pizza… and had great grades in school!

N: Could you please tell us about how you landed into the electronic music world? Are your origins psychedelic or do they come from other roots? Besides electronics, which artists or bands do you appreciate and usually listen to?

E: At home, as a child, we listened to a lot of MPB and classical music. As a teenager, rock n’ roll. These are the basis of my musical origins. Electronic music really came into my life when I was an “adult”, in Amsterdam, Holland. Today I listen to more or less the same styles and have added mantras and meditation songs to this playlist.

N: When was the time you decided to be a DJ?

E: When I fell in love with a DJ [laughs]! Actually I don’t know exactly the “moment”, it came that voice you know that comes from the heart and awakens you a desire of: “I want this!”. From then on things started happening… I always say that it wasn’t me who chose the music, it was the music that chose me.

Ekanta Jake - Neurotrance

N: You were responsible for bringing the Psytrance to Brazil. Can you tell us a little more about this story?

E: I fell in love with Psytrance and started going to all the parties in Amsterdam. Culture was part of my life and a part that made me very happy! When it was time to go back to Brazil, I thought “How can I live without this? We have to take it to Brazil!”

I also saw that our country is perfect for Psy, we have space, climate, nature and we are a people full of charisma, with a lot of positive energy, already in the vibe of celebrating days and nights non-stop, it’s cultural!

And I raised another point within myself: to make room for all family and friends to participate, some as DJs, others in the decoration, others doing performances, others producing clothes, some being part of the bar, others in the concierge, photography, food… it is a new universe of opportunities for union.

N: What is Universo Paralello, what does it mean to you? and what do you think it means for the psytrance scene?

E. For me it is the realization of a great dream where the seeds became a huge garden! For the scene, a true Paralell Universe, it’s amazing when we are there, we enter to another dimension, it seems that nothing out there matters, the days are very long, but it passes very fast… and being one of the biggest Psytrance festivals in the world, in such a beautiful place, it’s a pride for us Brazilians!

N: How do you prepare your sets?

E: I usually think about the first 3 tracks of how I am going to “open the works”, and then I go with the flow, feeling the dancefloor.

N: What is your message for the young people that just listen to psytrance and are curious about this culture?

E: Go to festivals! That’s where the true psychedelic essence is. Thanks!

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Ekanta - Neurotrance Radio
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