Ctrlz3ta @ Neurotrance Records Ctrlz3ta is one of the most important Hi-Tech projects of Mexico and the world trance scene. This is a duo project conformed by Ricardo Morales Lopez aka Psikiatrik y Pablo Perez Sahagunaka Papper. They started in 2007 playing at parties all around Mexico exploring the Hi-Tech style, nowadays Ctrlz3ta is known on every Mexico dancefloor by their energetic beat and a particular Hi-Tech style showing on every party their new material and sound. They shared the stage with international artists like: cpu - sick matutero - psychotic micro - waio - beat hackers - x noise - biogenesis. No doubt, this project will have a special place on the trance scene with lot of work and talent they will build it. Ctrlz3ta with Neurotrance Records: VA - PSYCHO TALENT FREAK SHOW Ctrlz3ta @ myspace.com/ctrlz3ta