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VA - ANDES TRIP - Neurotrance Records 2007

Andes Trip is the first freely distributed release from Neurotrance Records, an organization based in La Paz, Bolivia. Compiled and mastered by Erofex, with art by Heidacraft, Andes Trip features nine ripping tracks primarily attributed to Bolivian artists. The style is an intense form of full-on psychedelic trance designed to evoke the experience of partying outdoors amongst the soaring mountains, pristine lakes, and high-altitude valleys of the Andes. As such, this compilation is another heartening reminder of the global influence of psychedelic trance culture.

01 - Le Guide - La Redada - 6:40 
02 - Erofex - Andes Train - 8:03
03 - Erofex & Lattus - Tetrix - 7:33
04 - Deep South - Fight Club - 7:51
05 - Erofex & Malice In Wonderland - Moon Valley - 7:11
06 - Lattus - Time Internal Travel - 7:50
07 - Necropsycho - Ignorance Voice - 7:41
08 - Elektrogen - Neurofractal - 6:57
09 - Dark Fox - El Yoga Del Sueño - 6:26 ID: NEURO001
Format: MP3, WAV
Time: 66:12
Compiled & Mastered: Erofex
Art: Heidacraft Release Information: This is a very intense andes travel, more than 3600 meters over seas.Mountains. lakes, valleys, skys and clouds from extreme altitude that remember us unforgetable outdoor parties. Neurotrance Records is proud to show the world their first CD compilation with new bolivian artists and international colaborations, all together will make impact. Andres Trip es un viaje intenso a mas de 3600 metros sobre el mar, los nevados, lagos, valles, cielos y nubes propias de la altura que nos recuerdan inolvidables fiestas al aire libre en las montañas. Neurotrance orgullosamente presenta al mundo el primer CD compilado con artistas bolivianos y colaboraciones internacionales que juntos seguro causaran gran impacto. Download Links: MP3: ARCHIVE.ORG | EKTOPLAZM.COM WAV: EKTOPLAZM.COM Licence: Creative Commons
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