Leopardtron - Planet Corp

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Leopardtron-Planet Corp
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01 - Leopardtron - What Is Counciousness (146 BPM)
02 - Leopardtron - LSD25 (147 BPM)
03 - Leopardtron - Laws Of Creation (145 BPM)
04 - Leopardtron vs. Kurkipotku - Onpa Se Rikas (149 BPM)

Gloom Music is proud to present Leopardtron´s new 4 track E.P. “Planet Corp”, the long awaited continuation to their first E.P. Galactic Royalty (EPP Records 2013) by South African producer Danny Jaap & Spanish producer Manuel González. Their new E.P. is a continuation to their debut E.P. with a more polished finish and a fresh forest like touch. “Planet Corp” takes the listener on a musical journey through the planetary corporation franchises run by multidimensional beings who control and manage the different aspects of planetary alignments and gravitational pull. “Planet Corp” with its crystal clear production, approaches Psytrance with a hard driving forest like style, funky percussive textures, driving riffs, creative and interesting vocals and a hint of classic Goa. Artwork and Mastered by Multiman


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