VA - My Hidden Consciousness

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Let free the only thing that can really be free in this life.. our consciousness goes beyond physical appearance to the terms we use in our lives as physical, that awareness that gives us light or dark in our everyday life, discover your hidden consciousness through the trance, rhythm and energy that gives you this great selection of ringtones that allow you to see in your reality that hidden consciousness that even you can not or do not want to see ...


Indsolence – My Hidden Consciousness (INTRO)

Crtl-Z – The Abnormal Gene Mucora – Direct Frezzing Depeche Mode – Personal Jesús (Digital Murders RMX) The Lysergic Orchestra - Unfinished Business 1.16 – La Mayan Trip Drystortion – Mundo Maldito Belenyer - Universal Saw


Technical Info:

Compiled By: Neumos

Label: Bioluminescence Records Style: Full On Night / High tech Mastering by: Neumos / The Cave Studio @ Guadalajara Mx. Format: MP3/WAV/FLAC Art work by: Mucora @ México Mx. Release Date: March 2011


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