VA - Advanced Machines

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00-VA-Advanced Machines-2012

Free Minds Records presents an awesome Full On Night and High-Tech compilation with music of nowadays most skilled worldwide producers. This powerful and sensational mind blowing tracks are ready for the most rhythmic and aggressive hours on the dance floor. Compilation and cover design by Natural Disorder, mastered by Acid Trooper.

Tracklist: Kode Six - Perfekt World (Acid Trooper Remix) (146BPM) Brain Twisted - Time Machine (150 BPM) Erofex - Science Fiction (147 BPM) T.C.N - Species (147 BPM) Psycho System - Night Outbreak (145 BPM) Roby - Powerfull Impulse (147 BPM) Lock - Microbots (146 BPM) Drystortion vs Dyaus - Let's Start The Balacera (148 BPM) Undertaker - Nuclear Man (150 BPM) X-Code - Voices From Space (148 BPM) Perfect Havoc - God's Will (150 BPM) VA - Advanced Machines by Neurotrance Records on Grooveshark [important title=Download]MP3 - WAV[/important] Licence:

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