Voodoo - The Kingdom of Magic

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Voodoo - The Kingdom of Magic | Neutotrance
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01 - Voodoo - Psycho Active Substance (148 BPM)
02 - Voodoo - Last Days on Earth (155 BPM)
03 - Voodoo - Reborning from Ashes (163 BPM)

Ruben Daniel Matos aka Voodoo country musician originally from Portugal, is known for his characteristic style psychedelic night. The Kingdom of Magic is the title of his latest release, a collection of three songs totally insane, dark and facing the deepest, darkest hours in any dancefloor where our dear friend Ruben becomes present. Mastered by Tube with Artwork by Anxiety.


Tribal Mutant - Space Gadget

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Tribal Mutant-Space_Gadget-Front-Cover

Download: MP3 - WAV[/important]

Biomechanix Records extends their parameters inside the music market and make this new division that will cause excitement among lovers of faster and wild BPM's, The League of Shadows is the name of the aforementioned and opens with a call to all those souls they need a little more from the power of decibels fast, Dark and Twisted. Space Gadget its the release make by Tribal Mutant an artist with interesting skills, he is originally from India and we are sure that he will give you an entire satisfaction.


Tribal Mutant - Sacred Patterns in Nature (185 BPM)
Tribal Mutant - Forest in Space (180 BPM)
Tribal Mutant - Random Apparatus (175 BPM)
Tribal Mutant - 178beatsperminute (180 BPM)