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Room Nine Unlimited - Revisited

Room Nine Unlimited-Revisited
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Tracklist: Room Nine Unlimited - The Land Before Time (138 BPM)
Room Nine Unlimited - Aquaman (138 BPM)
Room Nine Unlimited - At The Highest Level (138 BPM)
Room Nine Unlimited - The Prophecy (138 BPM)

"Revisited" is the result and the first part of a recovering old tracks season. Once that the musical composition quality was attractive, Paulo Fernandes (Room Nine Unlimited) decided to improve the sound quality. Some tracks did not survive but, these four stand for the accomplishment of this first mission. 138 Bpm fast forward, nice melodies, groovy bass line, the usual kick and evolving atmospheres will make you deep dive. Another Lab Room Unlimited release.

Room Nine Unlimited - A Quarter to Twelve

Room Nine Unlimited - A Quarter to Twelve
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Tracklist: Room Nine Unlimited - Stone Cold (138 BPM)
Room Nine Unlimited - Winged Victory (138 BPM)
Room Nine Unlimited - Silo (138 BPM)
Room Nine Unlimited - Dreamland (138 BPM)
Room Nine Unlimited - Soul's Eyes Way (138 BPM)

Lab Room Unlimited is proud to anounce the most recent tunes of Room Nine Unlimited together in a bundle of pleasure. "A Quarter to Twelve" is about five nice prog-trance tracks full of stories. For those who don't know Paulo Fernandes way yet, we can ensure you will get better after it. Catch the train! Always forward! This is the journey of no return! From the portuguese mountains to the world the enchanted melodies pass by. You're the one making it real while the kick shouts. Feel the power!. Mastering and artwork by Paulo Fernandes.

Room Nine Unlimited - Love By Morning

Room Nine Unlimited-Love by Morning
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01 - Room Nine Unlimited - Aliens Are Not Extra-Terrestrial (138 BPM)
02 - Room Nine Unlimited - Angels Sleep At Night (138 BPM)
03 - Room Nine Unlimited - Chill's King (99BPM)
04 - Room Nine Unlimited - Doors Without Handle (138 BPM)
05 - Room Nine Unlimited - God Is Fire That Burns Without Being Seen (99 BPM)
06 - Room Nine Unlimited - I Said Freedom You Said Slave (138 BPM)
07 - Room Nine Unlimited - Meek Pussy (138 BPM)
08 - Room Nine Unlimited - My Informer Is Better Than Yours (138 BPM)
09 - Room Nine Unlimited - Senses Are Never Apart (138 BPM)

Lab Room Unlimited presents "Love By Morning". A top level album by Room Nine Unlimited. The unusual suspect strikes back! Sacred kick, holy bassline, magical melody chains... what else.!? Two downtempo and seven progressive tracks. Mastering and artwork by Emmanouil Lagoudakis.

No Kontakt - Signs

No Kontakt - Signs
Download: MP3 - WAV

01 - No Kontakt - Basstard (145 BPM)
02 - No Kontakt - Selective Breeding (144 BPM)
03 - No Kontakt - Receptivity (125 BPM)

Lab Room Unlimited presents "Signs". The debut release of No Kontakt a portuguese electronic music producer living in Belgium. If something's wrong No Kontakt wants it right. Interventionist and revolutionary No Kontakt feels like the world is falling into a deep melancholic depression which can only be saved by music. Strong bass lines, melodic leads and deep acid textures result in a refreshing harmonious psychedelic fullon at his own style! Two full-power and one more progressive goa tracks are ready to blow your mind!

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