VA – Sons Of Skaro

va-sons of scaro

va-sons of scaro

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1. Plaxius – Universos Multiples          160 BPM

2. MY project – Aboriginals            148 BPM

3. Extraterravers – Aventura Cosmica        148 BPM

4. Traum3r – Panic                150 BPM

5. Hanuman – Redwine                150 BPM

6. Gurkha – Spark Mandrils on Acid        170 BPM

7. Cymek – Humans are Dead            170 BPM

Artist: VA
Title: Sons of Skaro
Type: Compilation
Label: LDM records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Dark Psytrance, Goa Dark, Experimental
Store.Date: Aug-05-2009
Rls.Date: June-27-2009
Source: CDDA
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Tracks: 7

Mastered by Shaka
Compiled by Mex-k-line
Cover: Armitage

LDM records launches to the world Son of Skaro, the first Chilean psychedelic compilation destined to the most alternative sounds, like Darkpsy, Goatrance and several experimental sounds in this first facet we find the most underground of the Chilean music with a high quality of psychedelia in each one of its artists. Skaro is a magical planet inhabited by beings created for the extermination of all organisms different from their own, Los hijos de Skaro is a mixture of the inhabitants of Skaro with a human; a hybrid being, which the combination of evil with human consciousness creates a benevolent and superior enlightened being.


LDM records lanza al mundo Son of Skaro, el primer compilado psychedelic chileno destinado a los sonidos mas alternativos, como el darkpsy, goa trance y varios sonidos experimentales en esta primera faceta encontramos lo mas underground de la musica chilena con una alta calidad de psycodelia en cada uno de sus artistas. Skaro planeta magico donde habitan seres creados para el exterminio de todo organismo diferente al suyo, Los hijos de Skaro es una mezcla de los habitantes de Skaro con un humano; un ser hibrido, el cual la combinacion de la maldad con la consciencia humana crea un ser iluminado benevolente y superior.



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