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Sound Forest

Singapore based, Indian born Abhay Rautela is Sound Forest, an electronic music producer who released his first minimal techno track in 2010 and continues to produce genre blurring electronic music that is often hard to compartmentalize.

He discovered his passion for electronic music in high school at an outdoor party when he was vocalist of his school rock band, after which he deeply immersed himself in the underground music scene. He soon learned how to deejay and started playing at gigs. At the same time, he moved on to writing electronic on his own, learning from scratch through trial and error, very early on displaying a distinctive original style through his music.

He has released on Picche records and Neurotrance records so far. With a number of releases lined up, stay tuned if you want to ride the wave of the future underground sound. As Sound Forest says, “Music should make you visualize”, hear his tracks to dance while painting your own story of his original enigmatic future sound.


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