Kujata and El Oso - Magia

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kujata y_el_oso-magia

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Phrenetic Tales Records presents Kujata and El Oso, two chilean artists, who have built an environment that leads to an intense, progressive and psychedelic ride so they can free your soul through a daring dance by infinity illuminating even the darkest spaces of your being. Mastered by Paranoiac and artwork by Langas Ojeda.


Kujata & El Oso - Invocacion (156 BPM)
Kujata & El Oso - Elvi Zarrito Kosmickov (163 BPM)
Kujata & El Oso - Sun In The Sky (166 BPM)
Kujata & El Oso - Magna Tierra (192 BPM)
Kujata & El Oso - Kabra Madabra (196 BPM)
Kujata & El Oso - Revealing The Path to Ultimate Magics (181 BPM)
Kujata & El Oso - Rezo, AmoR-iza (188 BPM)