ANDES TRIP por VJ Orbital (Chile)

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{jb_film}ANDES TRIP preview video realizado por VJ Orbital de Chile{/jb_film}

musica: Erofex & Lattus - Tetrix

Erofex @ Amalgama party (Argentina)

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Outdoor Psytrance party by "Los Monos del Espacio"
24 septiembre 2005
Buenos Aires - Argentina Dj Erofex (Bolivia)

FLASHBACK (flash video)

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Albert Hoffman and some psycho in a flashback

Danny Gomez's art + Shpongle's music

VA - Hispanodelia

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Hispanodelia is a psychedelic hispano-delicious experience based on new and fresh new musical projects; coming from the whole HispanoAmerican contient. Acts from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia y Mexico link each other their talent to give perfect shape to this compilation which shows the high level of the new crew of artists, that love and bet all of their lifes into the psychedelic trance in America. From the light to the darkness , from the melodies to the fractal efects , this compilation is presented as the ship ; where all of you has a ticket to leave the reality and let us take you to a completly diferent trip, relaxed and misterious ; into new sound dimentions & melted paradises where you surely will learn something new.


o1.- Psylent - Planeta Tierra 
o2.- Pshenika - The Moon is gradually moving away from the Earth
o3.- M3nos - Trancescore
o4.- Jicuri Sense - Energia Dimensional 
o5.- Plaxius - Twisted Dreams 
o6.- Undertaker - Dead People 
o7.- Newstate - That Goblin Laugh 
o8.- Erofex - Dont Walk 
o9.- Overhuman Project - A Hope Into Light 
1o.- Dark Fox - (Ctrl+Alt+Supr)

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