Inzimo and Psygamma - Generals

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Inzimo and Psygamma - Generals | Neurotrance

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01 - Inzimo and Psygamma - Generals (146 BPM)
02 - Inzimo and Psygamma - I am The Master (147 BPM)
03 - Inzimo and Psygamma - Prokoshin (147 BPM)
04 - Inzimo and Psygamma - The Fuze (with Harbor Spacial) (147 BPM)

Lysergic Records is proud to present their first 2013 release with the powerfull and really interesting sound of Inzimo and Psygamma.

Harbor Spacial - Lysergic Vision

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00-Harbor Spacial-Lysergic_Vision-A-Front_Cover Harbor Spacial is the Psy Trance project of Alejandro Hernandez. (a.k.a. Natural, a.k.a. Dj Yumok). Full On Night with powerfull kicks and base lines mixed with hypnotic acid leads and melodies that will take you on a trip where you'll feel different kind of emotions. Sounds that will blow your mind. This is a original release by Lysergic Records

H1N1 - Virtual Infection

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H1N1 - Virtual Infection - Qbcrew Records 2010 H1N1 Is A Project,Created By Ricardo Morales Lopez AKA (Psikiatrik) And Erick Molina AKA (Stereopanic) from Mexico.
This project began in late 2009,The Fusion Of One Of The Members And With Steropanic, Half Ctrlz3ta Achieve An Innovative Project,That This Set Is New But Certainly Its Path Is Clear.They Started Playing Dj Sets At a Few Private Parties With Some Friends, In And Around Mexico Under The Label Lysergic Records,Qb Crew.

Iliuchina - Secret Prophecy

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Iliuchina - Secret Prophecy - Lysergic Records Lysergic Records proudly presents the first production of Veronica Iliuhin Loren a.k.a Iliuchina, a young talented Israeli producer that has caused a stir in Israel and Mexico in the last year thanks to its powerful and unique style of production.