Nü Tao - Starseed

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Nu Tao - Starseed
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01 - Nü Tao - Wonder (94BPM)
02 - Nü Tao - Peace Orchestra (91BPM)
03 - Nü Tao - Guerrera Mulan Chuan (101BPM)
04 - Nü Tao - Goddess Return (108BPM)

Nü Tao is back with his second release on Kutral Records (Argentina). Introducing a sound based on warm atmospheres, soft browsing textures and deep fat basses always under a positive vibration. Everybody is welcome to Nü Tao subconcious trip.


Nu Tao - Gaialaxia

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Nu Tao - Gaialaxia -  KTR 006 Soft and liquid atmospheres, suitable for dancing, carrying lightfull landscapes, and a high degree of sexy psychedelia. nü tao´s highest source of inspirantion is funk. Love to life and to all beings is a thought-feeling that loads energy in all the tracks. Perfect equilibrium of Creation, ying-yang, male-female, seen as the sacred and sexual dance of energies, flowing trough this ocean of diamonds surrounding us.

Cipro Status - Del Bosque

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Cipro Status - Del Bosque - Kutral Records 2010 Cipro Status presents his second full length album called "Del Bosque". 9 tracks featuring the psychedelic trance genre. In this material we dive into the depths of the earth are born moments dark crossing national roots to pierce the space of sounds. The argentinian Kutral Records is a label created to promote the psytrance escene in South America.