Harbor Spacial - Lysergic Vision

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00-Harbor Spacial-Lysergic_Vision-A-Front_Cover Harbor Spacial is the Psy Trance project of Alejandro Hernandez. (a.k.a. Natural, a.k.a. Dj Yumok). Full On Night with powerfull kicks and base lines mixed with hypnotic acid leads and melodies that will take you on a trip where you'll feel different kind of emotions. Sounds that will blow your mind. This is a original release by Lysergic Records Tracklist: 01. Lysergic Vision(145 BPM)
02. 51(145 BPM)
03. The Next Step (145 BPM) Harbor Spacial - Lysergic Vision by Neurotrance Records on Grooveshark Download Links: MP3: ARCHIVE WAV: ARCHIVE

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