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Erofex - Human


Erofex, one of the leading Psy Trance producers from Bolivia is releasing "Human" an EP of 3 blasting tracks, Erofex goes a notch up and releases three masterpieces in one package. It is a must have for any Psychedelic Trance, Full On, Goa lover.

Nu Tao - Gaialaxia

Nu Tao - Gaialaxia -  KTR 006

Download: MP3WAV

Soft and liquid atmospheres, suitable for dancing, carrying lightfull landscapes, and a high degree of sexy psychedelia. nü tao´s highest source of inspirantion is funk. Love to life and to all beings is a thought-feeling that loads energy in all the tracks. Perfect equilibrium of Creation, ying-yang, male-female, seen as the sacred and sexual dance of energies, flowing trough this ocean of diamonds surrounding us.

Tracklist: 1 - Soma 131 bpm 7:19
2 - Caballero Ciruelo 133 bpm 7:14
3 - Veronica 134 bpm 6:56
4 - Psilocibeing 134 bpm 7:02
5 - Orquideas 136 bpm 7:00
6 - Southern Tao 136 bpm 6:52
7 - Cosmic Gathering 137 bpm 7:07

All Tracks Produced By Nü Tao. Rodrigo Ramirez Pluk.

Mezcla Nü Tao & Pragmatix.

Mastering Cipro & Ksatrya in Twister Sound Studio.

Edicion Kutral Records 2011

Arte de tapa by Polper & Lucid Dreams Licence:

VA - Psytraveller Vol 2

00-VA -_Psytraveller_vol.2-Sun-Station-Records-2011

The Psytraveller crew in association with Sun Station Records activated all their contacts to collect some cutting edge psychedelic and progressive tracks from all around the globe. The crew put together a special blend of tunes to accompany psychedelic travellers on their journeys around planet earth.

Working on this massive project they have connected with producers from 45 countries and they provided their best tunes up to date. All the material has been carefully selected by experienced international crew members which resulted in a 3 parts compilation that will take listeners on a propper smooth journey from dusk till dawn. The idea was to rebuild the unique vibe and atmoshpere of an international psychedelic festival.

With 52 different artsits involved, it's probaly one of the longest psychedelic compilations up to date and we are glad to offer it you to get aquainted with music from so many different countries for free via modern internet technologies. We belive that you will discover some new artists and find new tunes by some well known artists too. Join us for this galaxy's festival of future soundscapes of psychedelic and progressive trance! Tracklist:


1. Ocelot – RTT (World)
2. EvsY – Headbanger’s Wall (Finland)
3. Kalumet – Nastoyka (Hungary)
4. Fractal – Prokrez (Czech Republic)
5. Ekoplex – Liquid Eyes (Canada)
6. Bufo feat Summix – Spacequake (Denmark)
7. Ital – Waves Of Nature (Chile)
8. Species – Antichrist (Serbia)
9. Audiosex – Unable To Love (Romania)
10. Psycho Abstract – Ketamine (Spain)
11. Wizack Twizack – The Real System (Sweden)
12. Trold – ESP (Remix) (Norway)
13. Deimos – The Raid (Croatia)
14. Yudhisthira – Guna 2010 (Macedonia)
15. Jirah vs Atum – Yin And Yang (USA)


16. Refract – Wormhole (Switzerland)
17. Dissociactive vs Manifold – RNKH (Russia)
18. Ghost Signal – Put On Tour (Italy)
19. Dirty Saffi and Synthetik Chaos – Chicken Sequencer Country (Dirty Saffi Remix) (UK)
20. Antagon – Bird Brain (Germany)
21. Aseem – The Net (Nepal)
22. Genepool – Lucifer’s Lobotomy (Ireland)
23. Kerlivin and Digitalian – Psychedelic Travel (Taiwan & Japan)
24. Braindrop – Bassfunk Monk (India)
25. Tsabeat – The Bell (Israel)
26. Full Face – One And Today (Greece)
27. Gido – Energija (Lithuania)
28. Sanathana – A New Beginning (United Arab Emirates)
29. Stereographic – Transmitions (Brazil)
30. Overdream – 5am Magic Tea (Ukraine)


31. Rahatmahatix – Vision In My Head (Slovakia)
32. Erofex – Goa (Bolivia)
33. Kybalion – Don Juan (Austria)
34. Slug – In The Zone (South Africa)
35. Terrafractyl – Brainplant (Australia)
36. Aquila – Alice (Ephedrix Remix) (Belgium)
37. Tech Twist – Dream Machine (Portugal)
38. D_Root – Memories Road (France)
39. Liftshift – Becoming Future (Netherlands)
40. Grouch – Wipe Your Eyes Away (New Zealand)
41. Badajalash – Algorythm (Remix) (Argentina)
42. Tripical – The Land Of Free (Thailand)
43. Bienmesabe – Funkyjote Mariguana (Mexico)
44. Kino Oko – Supreme Protection (Poland)
45. Kliment – Izgriala E Zora (Bulgaria)

Mastered by Makus (Overdream Studio).

Download Links: MP3 - WAV

Hanuman - Beyond the Light


Download : MP3 | WAV

01 - Hanuman - Trip To-The Dark (147 BPM)
02 - Hanuman - 15 Days Detention (155 BPM)
03 - Hanuman - Freedom To The Truth (155 BPM)
04 - Hanuman - Requesting Energies (147 BPM)
05 - Hanuman - Madness In The Gland (165 BPM)
06 - Hanuman - Light Dimension (155 BPM)
07 - Hanuman - Human Light (155 BPM)

Rodrigo Aburto aka Hanuman have been working during the past couple of years on new tunes that now are assembled together for his full lenght album debut 'Beyond The Light' a Collection of some brain storming yet completely out of the world stories put together to give you an unadulterated form of pure psychedelia. It’s a must have album for all serious psychedelic trance followers around the globe. Be ready to travel beyond the light with our beloved music.

Neurotrance Records
"Free the music because the music sets you free" 

Redy - Mothra


Kesuene Records is proud to present Redy - Mothra EP. A fantastic journey of meditation with strong doze of Psychedelic Trance from Serbia. Redy is Ivan Mirovic owner of Grotesque Records also organizer of The Grotesque Festival in Serbia. Check out this work and enjoy the music.


1. From the Trees
2. Horror Xmas Jadget
3. Gladys
4. Fighting for the Future
5. Mothra (with Knap)

Download Links: MP3 | WAV


VA - Hispanodelia 2


Once again the psychedelic artists of Hispano-America get together under one freely lysergic flag for this second entry. The forces has been double to bring a double pack very well equilibrated , where the public will be able to find music styles for all tastes. 1st v/a artists got together again with new acts to re-enforce an Americas trip of almost 2 hours of duration , getting trough relax moments to an energetic shocks or the dance floor. Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia and Mexico come together in the "wonderland country" brining you ; a free ticket to enter the trip. Get your passenger sit Now!


01 - Dark Fox - Intro

02 - Trebolaktico - Pskalibur

03 - Plaxius - Calma

04 - Erofex - Wishes

05 - Dark Fox - 1

06 - M4nos - No more apocalyptic minds

07 - Cosmic Alliance (Romix psy) - Cosmic Dust

08 - Jicuri Sense - Forget yourself

09 - Los Portilla - You and Me

10. PsyKid - My Planet

11. Undertaker - Alien Attack

12. Overhuman project - Senti Menthal

13. Will o Wisp - Binary code

14. Erofex - Dont Walk (Dark For Hwahaha remix)

15. Erofex - Master Attack (Remix)

16. Plaxius - Demonaid

17. Dark Fox - Mini Outro

Compiled by Dark Fox

Download: MP3 - WAV


Hispanodelicius Records

aXid - Rave Addicts

aXid - Rave Addicts - Neurotrance Records

Download: MP3 | WAV

01 - aXid - Cry of Youth (145 BPM)
02 - aXid Vs XSlash - Rave Tribute (145 BPM)
03 - aXid Vs Xslash - This Sound (145 BPM)
04 - aXid - Fire UP! (140 BPM)
05 - aXid - Strange Feeling (146 BPM)

Rave Addicts created by aXid (Kirill) and XSlash (Ori) is the result of hard work and different experiments in the studio. Three Full On and two Dubstep tracks a combination of stylish, powerfull melodies and ground breaking basslines. Enjoy!. Mastered by Erofex with Artwork by Heidacraft.

Neurotrance Records 2011
"Free the music because the music sets you free"

VA - Resonance For Human Brains


Burning Trip Records is back with another full-length release compiled by Paranoiac, Resonance For Human Brains. With this release the aim is to introduce new artists from around the world and to help take them one step further in the psychedelic scene. Showcased here is a wide variety of approaches to night-time psychedelic trance beginning with the deepest forest sounds, reaching into darkpsy, and concluding the flight at high tempos with brain-blasting psycore. Mastered by Paranoiac with cover art by Mettanoia in collaboration with Raulo



01 - Neural & Paranoiac - Fundamental Anomaly (2:34)

02 - Sishiva - Pitch Sombre (6:43)

03 - Trypta Mind - A Mid Winters Day Dream (7:49)

04 - Sishiva - Lila Maagia (6:28)

05 - Nilakshy - Space Chocolate (6:10)

06 - Calabi Yau - No Materia (6:56)

07 - Paranoiac - Inside (9:55)

08 - Amduscias Tales - Alien Pattern (6:10)

09 - Black Bird - Brotherhood Of Eternal Love (5:16)

10 - Nasgul - Snow Ghost (8:58)

11 - Ape Rape - Auton Mission (7:18)

12 - Phantom Deep - Earthly Delights (3:32)

Download Links:





Expedizion - Experiment Remixes

coverexp We anticipate the official release of "Ancestral Future", remixing 3 of its 7 petals to create a parallel piece called "Experiment remixes." This work was conceived with the following premise: In the alchemical lab of the mind can be created endless versions of the same reality and here we have an example of this... Earthling and lighter versions of the original tracks, leaving the dimensional tunel to land in some coordinate X of space-time.

Fuzzonaut - Jokers And The Weird Space Equipment

Fuzzonaut - Jokers and the weird space equipment

A prominent trait of Fuzzonaut's music is its undeniably trancey feel and cosmic melodies. This makes a fantastic listening and dancing experience for seasoned fans and new comers alike, who will get a thorough retrospective of many popular trance elements packaged in a well assembled and enthralling tour. Cosmic Melodies with a good hit of Acid that will make smile.

VA - San Pedro Music Compilation Vol 1

VA - San Pedro Music Compilation vol 1

San Pedro Music is a new record label from Bolivia operated by Paul Jove a.k.a. Dj Pituko. Presenting their first compilation of bolivian artists from the label as well as a couple of guests who gave forth their sounds to make it an even more complete long play. San Pedro Music Compilation Vol. 1 expands on a part of the whole creative process happening in the contemporary electronic music scene in Bolivia. Here the listener will find songs that can be enjoyed by the listening ear as well a few potential dance tracks to be used in a creative and explorative dj set.

VA - Deli-edative Sounds

VA - Deli-edative_Sounds

Download: MP3 | WAV

01 - Creotaur - Ohm (2:48)
02 - Kusillo - K'antu Etéreo (5:22)
03 - Oxya - Fliqker (8:23)
04 - Del Pozo - Allá Adentro (6:06)
05 - Erofex - Searching Colors (4:48)
06 - Radioactive Sandwich - Drip Drop (6:28)
07 - Fuzzonaut - What? (5:01)
08 - Lunar Vegetarian - Commands From The Invalid Perception (9:31)
09 - Expedizion - Destiny is over (7:00)
10 - nü tao - Zadquiel (6:13)
11 - Chamakani - Mountain (5:25)
12 - Paul Jove - Ress-t-onate (8:53)
13 - Creotaur - Sleep (4:32)

The new Neurotrance Records compilation is an oasis of ambient sounds. With hypnotic beats, sublime atmospherics, meditative and delicate ambient textures fused together with a modern sounding backdrop laced with melodies and rich soundscapes at times danceable yet. 13 songs to dream and relax your ears and soul!. Compiled and Mastered by Erofex with Artwork by Heidacraft.

Neurotrance Records
"Free the music because the music sets you free"

VA - Landing


Download: MP3 | WAV

01 - Liquid Sun - Hollow Man (128 Bpm)
02 - Soladria - Gigantism (144 Bpm)
03 - Paratech - Alchemy (144 Bpm)
04 - Tigran - Timestretch Machine (145 Bpm)
05 - Oberon - Nuclear Winter (147 Bpm)
06 - N.O.X.Y. - Slow Turn (145 Bpm)
07 - Psynthax - Animamundi (145 Bpm)
08 - Paratech - The Key (144 Bpm)
09 - Magic Forest - Bicycle (148 Bpm)

Neurotrance Records presents: 'Landing' a musical journey with fantastic melodies, great story and brain-stretching climaxes perfectly together. Once you close your eyes and you listen to the music you end up in a hurricane of effects and melodies, putting a smile on your face!. This compilation will definitely satisfy the ears and minds of many music lovers around the globe. Enjoy!


Neurotrance Records 2011
"Free the music because the music set you free"

VA - My Hidden Consciousness


Let free the only thing that can really be free in this life.. our consciousness goes beyond physical appearance to the terms we use in our lives as physical, that awareness that gives us light or dark in our everyday life, discover your hidden consciousness through the trance, rhythm and energy that gives you this great selection of ringtones that allow you to see in your reality that hidden consciousness that even you can not or do not want to see...

VA - The King of Nothing


Download: MP3 | WAV

Part 1 01 - Fuzzonaut - Flashback (145 BPM)
02 - Oberon - Loosing Control (142 BPM)
03 - N.O.X.Y. - Quick Turn (145 BPM)
04 - Rigel - Voltage Controlled Freak (145 BPM)
05 - Le Guide - Mantrance (146 BPM)
06 - Deep South - Gaia Power (148 BPM)
07 - Erofex - The End (147 BPM)
08 - Wizack Twizack - Razors And Ice Cream (System Sequence Remix) (150 BPM)
09 - Organikka - Dreams (148 BPM)
10 - H1N1 - We Have All Power (147 BPM)

Part 2 01 - Malice in Wonderland and Electrypnose - Los Viajeros (143 BPM)
02 - Clean Trip - Wrong Serenade (143 BPM)
03 - Oblivion vs Psoma - Psychopsomatics (145 BPM)
04 - Wizack Twizack - Pumpen (146 BPM)
05 - Hanuman - Darkness In My Room (147 BPM)
06 - Erofex and Oxezy - Power History (150 BPM)
07 - Box of Evil - Against The Evil (152 BPM)
08 - Dark Fox - Better Stronger Faster (150 BPM)
09 - Paranoiac- Just a Tiny Taste (148 BPM)
10 - Plaxius - Indigo Patrol (183 BPM)

"The King of Nothing" (double CD) features unreleased tracks produced in our typical groovy, twisted, and psychedelic style. This time featuring newcomers and well established artists from around the globe. This special release was compiled by Erofex and promises to be one of the trance highlights. Artwork by Dark Fox.


Neurotrance Records 2011

"Free the music because the music sets you free"

VA - Degeneration


RuffBeatz Records is back with a dubstep release that will make you move like a robot and degenerate your eardrums! A special bonus for everyone this release a RuffBeatz wallpaper to put on your desktop is included in the download. Enjoy!

Tracklist: 01. Womp Rat - War Elephant
02. Womp Rat - Baphomet
03. Johnny Foreplay - Bionic
04. Oblivi0n - Like A  New F^ck
05. DANRG - Mankind
06. Mathix - Proper
07. 1-Slice - The Weekend Has Landed
08. gravy.tron - 1111
09. gravy.tron - doesn't + up
10. DJ Shibb - Hide yo Kids Hide yo Sprites (Wick-it vs Skrillex) bootleg
11. Oddy - Fscking Wobble Download:MP3

Nimue - Hijas de Odin


Download: MP3 | WAV


01 -Nimue - Luna Dub (120 BPM)
02 - Nimue - Flujo Solar (126 BPM)
03 - Nimue - Galactic Gayatri (130 BPM)
04 - Nimue - Luces en el Cuerpo (130 BPM)
05 - Nimue - Navegante (130 BPM)
06 - Nimue - Cueba de Cristal (130 BPM)
07 - Nimue - Cropcircle (132 BPM)
08 - Nimue - Aguila Planetaria (132 BPM)
09 - Nimue - Bosque de Avalon (135 BPM)
10 - Nimue - Domo del Agua (135 BPM)
11 - Nimue - Soy Invisible (135 BPM)
12 - Nimue - After Storm (135 BPM)
13 - Nimue - La Dama del Lago - (95 BPM) Nimue tambien conocida como DJ Valery; presenta las Hijas de Odin, album Progressive Trance mezcla de sonidos étnicos y goa que juntos nos transportan a mundos de ensueño, viajando por todas las dimensiones del ser universal dentro del baile y la danza desintegradora del ego. 

"... Cada día que pasa para cada uno de nosotros es un día que hay que decidir con eficacia las cosas que hay que hacer, hay que penetrar en las mas intimas animidades para aprender que el cuerpo es una máquina que hay que dirigir con la mente y con cada una de las partes mínimas de la vitalidad del ser humano, es indispensable que cada quien establezca los ánimos desde su alma y desde su ser para poder recibir los mensajes de cada uno de los seres ascendidos , es importante que cada uno denosotros trate de reconocer que somos parte de un plany que cada uno podrá ayudar, porque somos la mas profunda cualidad de La Fuente Omnipresente en cada una de sus partes."

Creditos: Mauro Digerolamo en guitarra Track 13 "La Dama del Lago" Mi familia sanguínea y cósmica en todo el álbum.