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VA - El Llamado de Quetzalcoatl

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VA – El Llamado de Quetzalcoatl - Kesuene Records 2010 Kesuene Records is a new psytrance label from Mexico. Their first work is a mix of trance styles like progressive, full on and dark trance from artist of different countries from around the world.

H1N1 - Virtual Infection

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H1N1 - Virtual Infection - Qbcrew Records 2010 H1N1 Is A Project,Created By Ricardo Morales Lopez AKA (Psikiatrik) And Erick Molina AKA (Stereopanic) from Mexico.
This project began in late 2009,The Fusion Of One Of The Members And With Steropanic, Half Ctrlz3ta Achieve An Innovative Project,That This Set Is New But Certainly Its Path Is Clear.They Started Playing Dj Sets At a Few Private Parties With Some Friends, In And Around Mexico Under The Label Lysergic Records,Qb Crew.

Cipro Status - Del Bosque

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Cipro Status - Del Bosque - Kutral Records 2010 Cipro Status presents his second full length album called "Del Bosque". 9 tracks featuring the psychedelic trance genre. In this material we dive into the depths of the earth are born moments dark crossing national roots to pierce the space of sounds. The argentinian Kutral Records is a label created to promote the psytrance escene in South America.